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Sledge Hockey is similar to Ice Hockey, basically following the same rules.

The biggest difference lies in the equipment used by the players. Players sit in a small sledge which is a unique type of sled with a back rest and skate blades mounted underneath. Players use 2 short hockey sticks; one end with a blade for hitting the puck and the other with metal teeth to enable the players to propel themselves across the ice.

The rest of the equipment is the same as hockey; helmet, mask, gloves, shoulder and shin pads. During the game each team has 6 players on the ice including the goalie.

What is a Sledge?

A sledge is what a player uses to move around on the ice.

The sledges shown below are a prime example of a typical design.


The average cost for a sledge starts from $200.00 and goes as high as $800.00 and up. The length of the sledge is adjustable and the blades are also adjustable. The blades are moved closer together or farther apart depending on the players ability to balance him or herself.

It consists of the following parts:

  1. An Aluminum Frame
  2. A Seat
  3. Seat Strap
  4. Skate Blades
There are many different designs but there is also a universal set of guidelines that must be met when building a sledge. Some of the guidelines are as follows:
  • The sledge must be a minumum height off the ice so that the puck can easily pass from underneath.
  • The sledge must have a soft design. No sharp edges or points.
  • There must not be any protrusions.

Sledge Hockey Sticks!

Sledge Hockey Sticks are made with the same materials as an Ice Hockey Stick. The differences in the design are:

They are much smaller
The average length is about 24" long, and can range depending on the size of the player
They have a metal pick at one end
There are diferent types. Some are like the front of a figure skate, and some are like a crown(shown below).
The blade design has less of an angle to it
This is because the player is closer to the ice and the angle of an Ice Hockey Stick is far to great. The sticks in sledge hockey are held almost flat on the ice.
You need two of them to play
Its exactly like cross country skiing.
The sticks shown below are a prime example of a typical design.


The average cost for a pair of sledge hockey sticks start from $30.00 and up. The length of the stick is usually standard and cut down to suit the player.